Текст песни Yohanna Troell - Tricky (Version 1)

Intelligent Music Favorites, Vol.11
Жанр: Easy Listening
Исполнитель: Yohanna Troell
Альбом: Intelligent Music Favorites, Vol.11
Длительность: 02:51
Рейтинг: 736
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Загрузил: gr-b777


“Tricky” I thought I had figured out, I knew what it was all about and then it changed. Back to scratch again, Whatever happened to my happy end? Isn’t it strange? What happened happily ever after? What is it with love that we cannot master? What is the point we just don’t get? After one million years We haven’t got it yet No... CHORUS I guess it shouldn’t be that bad, But it drives me mad Because it’s tricky! All these relatioships, All the funny tricks It is tricky! I guess I should have learned by now But still somehow It is tricky! Somebody tells me what’s going on? What’s gone wrong? ‘Cause it’s tricky! No one ever learns to play this game, It has no rules It has no name! And me, I will always be a beginner, Never a loser, Never a winner! Constantly, When you think you’ve reached the conclusion That’s when it turns into more confusion, Some way! Still we keep struggling on, For some reason it still is fun to play! CHORUS One plus one, What’s so hard about that equation? Why can’t we just let it be Without all these tricky complications? The only thing I know is I know nothing at all, The heart never came with manual. So I’m just going to set love free, Surrender my heart to the birds and the bees. CHORUS
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