Текст песни Pyogenesis - Sweet X-Rated Nothings

Sweet X-Rated Nothings
Жанр: Doom Death Metal
Исполнитель: Pyogenesis
Альбом: Sweet X-Rated Nothings
Длительность: 07:19
Рейтинг: 1297
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Загрузил: ssres


Wrapped in the tight warmth of her hands I fell her sucking kiss With the tender friction of her skin She makes me hot One wild touch, the one I need so much YouХre eternally, eternally mine 1) Heavenly melodies from the velvet seas Of my dream paradise Fountains of lust, beautiful sound Between our hearts an eternal bound Ordinary life is nothing for me I use the summit of pleasure As you can see 2) Caresses so hot, kisses so sweet I canХs stand, can't stand the heat Splendour, glamour, shiny gown Eternally, eternally, you're my own Hey, hear what I say I'm here for you today Take this rose my dear, but never, never Let her sear Take this peace of mind the sweetest kiss You ever find Your seal, my treasure, purest love Purest pleasure Here she goes......... Sweet, sweet X-rated nothings In ecstasy she asks for more
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