Текст песни Pompeya - Tropical

Жанр: Indie Rock / New Wave
Исполнитель: Pompeya
Альбом: Tropical
Длительность: 06:15
Рейтинг: 2269
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Загрузил: ECT


It's all my fault All my fault So i changed the road That's what i hold Guilt that i hold So i changed the code That's all... Chorus: It's all my fault In my fall Only my fault Runnnin through the field Flooded with sunshine Thoughts that i thought Letters i wrote Soaked with my fault Sail along memories Flooded with sunshine 2: It's all in your eyes It's all in your thighs Still you're playing it nice Creepy goodbyes Affected smiles Loneliness and lies That's all... Bridge: It often seems that I'm wasting my time But it's only medicine Defying you I feel like I committed a crime Don't let me get absence
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