Текст песни Thebandwithnoname - Misfit

Dying To Be There
Жанр: Electronic / Hip-Hop / Rapcore
Исполнитель: Thebandwithnoname
Альбом: Dying To Be There
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 443
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Загрузил: Helena-Ka


I wanna look good everywhere that I go I wanna be the lead part in the chipK freakshow I gotta have the best stuff just like everybody else I don't wanna be another clone stacked up on the shelf Cos that sucks Gotta get up gotta get on gotta get get get on the train Gotta lose those nasty looks because ain't nobody the same If ya want it ya gotta jump on it cos ya know we go a mighty long way Get out ya box take off ya socks let me hear ya say Don't keep puttin us down No messin around We're standin our ground We'll keep on makin this noise The girls and the boys We're changin this town I gotta say the right things to the right peeps I wanna stand out in the crowd of the Jesus freaks I gotta have kicks that look sweet on my feet I wanna be a street preacherr out on the high street Cos that rocks Fashion style black white shades of grey straight tight loose baggy belt Braces angry happy shiny faces thick thin hairy tall smiley pretty ugly Small old young miss hit lazy crazy misfit
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