Текст песни Draconian - Earthbound

Turning Season Within
Жанр: Doom Metal / Gothic Doom Dark
Исполнитель: Draconian
Альбом: Turning Season Within
Длительность: 08:11
Рейтинг: 2786
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ezhik_70


The sorrow of my soul, earthbound and cold The tide will never turn I've been dead for years, drowned in all my tears Have you forsaken me? Frequent days of loss, crawling to the cross The silence screams so loud Conquered by the sun, my fate is done I'm pulling down the shroud Blazing through my eyes, your tender disguise So far our of reach A life of dismay turns into grey Will you abandon me? Here in the light it's pitch black night A fever on the rise Dying from within and reborn into sin I'm tearing up the sky Feel the world inside; The ghost of me calling you Feel the world inside; The ghost of me haunting you This sentient cage, Cutting through time with a blunt smile Would you help me slit my wrists? See me cry, help me... Die! So frail the veil of life-so beautiful the face of death Suddenly reveries bloom into night's heavy drenching And life leaves you cold, weary and old... It's hard just to breathe You know me so well, I'm going through hell Won't you please, follow me? Feel the world inside; The ghost of me calling you Feel the world inside; The ghost of me haunting you You cracked the ice, and I wept You covered the sun, and I slept You whispered the truth, and I smiled You kissed my soul, and I died
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