Текст песни Marvin Gaye - Right On

What's Going On
Жанр: R'n'B / Soul
Исполнитель: Marvin Gaye
Альбом: What's Going On
Длительность: 07:30
Рейтинг: 2106
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Рваная вульва


Soundland Pub - Лучшая Музыка ► Hey baby, that's alright people I know that's alright Everyday, that's alright Oh, when we love each other I know that's alright Oh just feel it, feel it Oh everybody feel it God know that's alright, yes Some of us were born with money to spend Some of us were born for races to win Some of us are aware that it's good for us to care Some of us feel the icy wind of poverty blowin' in the air For those of us who simply like to socialize For those of us who tend the sick And heed the people's cries Let me say to you Turn on, on, feel it, feel Yeah, oh, oh, oh Lord, Lord, people And I say, right on Honey, right on For those of us who live where peace is craved For those of us who live, where hatred is enslaved, alright For those of us who live a life, yeah Surrounded by good fortune and wealth, talk about it For those of us who live a life, hey, hey, hey enjoyin' ourselves For those of us who got drowned in the sea of happiness For the soul that takes pride in his God And himself and everything else Love, love, sweet love, love, wonderful love Ah, true love, love, love for your brother And love, love for God Love, pure love Ah true love can conquer hate every time Give out some love and you'll find peace sublime And my darlin', one more thing If you let me, I will take you to live where love is king Ah, baby
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