Текст песни As Blood Runs Black - Angel City Gamble

Жанр: Deathcore
Исполнитель: As Blood Runs Black
Альбом: Instinct
Длительность: 03:36
Рейтинг: 714
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: -K1LLa-


The Struggle! Resistance on the heels of our climb But without struggle we'll never learn to rise! Above and see beyond the preconceived What's in front of your eyes is only lies ...Unless you choose to believe! BREAK AWAY! FROM THOSE WHO IMPEDE! CUT ALL THE TIES! BREAK AWAY! AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!! RISK.IT.ALL!!!!! Find solace in uncertainty Now is the time! to make a move!, defy the odds! In the face of adversity we reach for the sky Hesitations no longer allowed Today's the day to attempt the impossible! Sever the voice that hinders!! And follow your Instincts!! WILL YOU PURSUE?! WILL YOU. PURSUE?!?! WILL YOU PURSUE?!?! An easy way out or a road less traveled? The solution can be found within you! An easy way out or a road less traveled? The solution can be found within you! BREAK AWAY! FROM THOSE WHO IMPEDE CUT ALL THE TIES BREAK AWAY AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!! And if you want to succeed... You must Risk It All Do not fear the failures Stay clear from the trails of the heard This Time - TIME WILL NOT BE WASTED!! AND IF YOU FALL STAY DETERMINED TO STAND!!!!!!
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