Текст песни Serenity - Youngest Of Widows [Limited Digipack Bonus]

Death & Legacy
Жанр: Power Metal / Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Serenity
Альбом: Death & Legacy
Длительность: 04:08
Рейтинг: 768
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Загрузил: dimtroi


he found her homeland, she's heir to the throne She fought all her battles alone 1567, there's a lord lying dead on frozen ground Who did pull the wires in this plot? Will the murderer ever be found? [Bridge 1:] Maybe she knows more than she pretends to know about his passing Who says a queen does never lie? [Chorus:] She found her homeland in chaos and war the youngest of widows, a heart deeply sore Raised far away, but heir to the throne she fought all her battles alone 1587, winter's grey, hatchets lay by scaffold's side Wears two rosaries, dressed in black she appears, face veiled in white [Bridge 2:] Guilty for high treason, that's the reason for the execution Now by the hangman's hand she'll die [Chorus:] [Solo:] [Chorus:2x]
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