Текст песни La Roux - In For The Kill (feat. Kanye West)

La Roux (Gold Edition)
Жанр: Electronic
Исполнитель: La Roux
Альбом: La Roux (Gold Edition)
Длительность: 04:41
Рейтинг: 1264
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Загрузил: the_con


We can fight our desires But when we start making fires We get ever so hot Whether we like it or not They say we can love who we trust But what is love without lust? Two hearts with accurate devotions And what are feelings without emotions? I'm going in for the kill I'm doing it for a thrill Oh I'm hoping you'll understand And not let go of my hand X2 I'm going in and I'ma go hard I mean whats the point if it ain't no scars A little teeth marks Blood on the collar Thats real love ….. She said, uhhhh How could you love someone that hurt you, played you, spoke to provoke you? how could you love someone that burns you, turns you into a werewolf? and in the moment you might do some things you’re not aware of no-ones prepared for the scale of this (?) and more and more more more drama looking for a score state you’re looking for a tour her allure’s more couture, tailor-made til you screams in rage I mean uhhhhhm looking out the damn cage hannibal lector, my ugh american pyscho an iller version of ike yo the thriller version of Michael my recital is as bright as the light show at the Eiffel a werewolf up in Paris, Im living off your vitals I mean I’ll be you’re con man, I’ll be you’re damn liar lets start the interview, I’ll be your vampire I gotta feel ya, bite ya neck to get familiar and if ya die, guess what? I’ll f-cking kill ya I’m going in for the kill I’m doing it for a thrill Oh I’m hoping you’ll understand And not let go of my hand (x2) Let’s go to war To make peace Let’s be cold To create heat I hope in darkness We can see And you’re not blinded by the light from me I’m going in for the kill I’m doing it for a thrill Oh I’m hoping you’ll understand And not let go of my hand (x2)
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