Текст песни Asian Dub Foundation - In Another Life

A History Of Now
Жанр: Electronic / Breakbeat / Dub
Исполнитель: Asian Dub Foundation
Альбом: A History Of Now
Длительность: 05:37
Рейтинг: 380
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Загрузил: New Tunes Music


In another life, I need to leave the head behind And in the break through the heart I'm … the … light Take a slow train to the past, imagine a different path When a different trace was made, a journey I didn't take Close my eyes and rearrange I'm telling type by the sun Snake slither in the grass, play my … as I drop my ...nets are cast Rows pushing like a row how many fish you catch Brain for the crops to grow Rain for the eggs to hatch And as the shogun approaches, my life flashes before my eyes And as we are eye to eye I see your life and you see mine An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind Children with no eyes, push the ...up the hills Not blinded by the light, but by another's will Possession's at the rage, breathe life into every day The world has a different way, at the bottom of the food chain And if you're looking at your life from only way you are You only see the ground, will you ever see the stars See the food, see the fire, need power, have to wire You can live in on her, you can dream in on her, … get a new … from another life
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