Текст песни Redman - All I Do (feat. Faith Evans)

Жанр: East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: Reggie
Длительность: 03:58
Рейтинг: 697
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Загрузил: the_con


[Intro: Redman {unknown}] Ay what’s good man? {What’s good?} Yessir {Mm-hmm!} Love hip-hop baby {Love that music baby} Where all my peoples at out there? All my ladies, all my fellas Make some noise out there! I just love music nigga {Hell yeah} Yessir {Uh-huh!} Michael Jackson, we love you dog [Redman (Faith)] Hey! I wake up, open my eyes, and light the aroma And then I get my, ahh-stretch up and mornin yawnin Yeah, I’m ready to grind wit’chu on my mind Cause (all I do is for you) Yo, I love how you make me feel when I’m broke Make it clear when I smoke, my career on the ropes So I, reappear and then I clear my throat Nigga (all I do is for you) Yo, since a DJ at 15, I was a young gun Music disciplined me, now I’m a M-16 And all my dreams are turned into cream Cause (all I do is for you) Yeah, my heart’s in it, weight up, shit and sleep in it My pen put an end to any track you give me in the clinic YEAH I, gets it in, rude bwoy I ain’t finished nigga (All I do is for you) [Chorus: Faith Evans] How, I listen to you when I’m drivin Time and time you’re always on my mind and I’m talkin ’bout my music (All I do is for you) Keeps me lookin good when I’m barren Hot as the sky when I’m blazin It keeps me focused on my end (All I do is for you) Oh, it starts when I feel the flow I’ll be, into, overload Talkin ’bout music (All I do is for you) It’s sometimes critical It starts when I feel the flow I’m talkin ’bout music (’bout music) I’m talkin ’bout music [Redman (Faith)] Yessir! When I fly, I got Dr. Dre headphones playin T.I. and lookin in the sky, high Think about when I land what I’ma buy Cause (all I do is for you) Yo, my boys hit the mall, I’m at the record store I’m buyin my like 15th “Off the Wall” MJ, hey! I hope you hearin this song (All I do is for you) Yo, I had the moonwalk down when I was 17 Now I rock and light blocks like Billie Jean Whether you “Black or White” you gon’ scream baby (All I do is for you) Yo, and I “Remember the Time” another part of me was like “Leave Me Alone,” I’m “B-A-D” I opened up, now my music my “P.Y.T.” Believe that girl (all I do is for you) let’s go! [ Lyrics from ] [Chorus] [Faith and Redman ad lib to end] [Redman- All I Do (feat. Faith Evans) Lyrics] Continue reading
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