Текст песни Omnia - Dance Until We Die

Wolf Love
Жанр: Pagan Metal
Исполнитель: Omnia
Альбом: Wolf Love
Длительность: 04:55
Рейтинг: 889
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: arschgesicht


Life!.. we all be livin' in a lie makin' Money for the man 'till the day that we die Mind-controlled by democracy. But you're still A fuckin' slave to the royalty. You can't buy Peace of mind in a fuckin' store. You could do With less but you all want more. My eyes are Open and I can see. They can steal the land but My spirit is free Well it might fool you but it don't fool me They can steal the land but my spirit is free Well it might fool you but it don't fool me They can take my cash but they can't take me DEATH!... Are you ready to die? To make the fat cats rich and support the Lie. Governmental games of war. Ronald McDonald's keeping score. All 'o that shit Don't mean a fuckin' thing, 'Cause I'm still Standing. I still sing. Democracy, plutocracy Well it might fool you but it don't fool me 'Cause I'm a native crazy man, I hold my Freedom in my hand. I'm a dreamer, I'm a Shaman, I'm connected to the land They can't tell me what to do They can't tell me what to say They can't tell me what to smoke They can't tell me what to play I don't need no one's permission to live my Life 'cause that's been given. Now I'm the Pope of paganism puttin' the fun back intro Fundamentalism. So if you need someone's Permission to live your life just like you wanna. You have it…here…I give it to you. Along With this phat bag of marihuana Wouldn't it be great if there was a war and Nobody came? 'cause we're too busy making love to play Their insane game They just wanna work you to death and say 'Arbeit macht frei' Well, fuck them and fuck their rules and We'll just dance until we die! Storm winds blow on the golden barley Birds lie dead on the fields of Athenry I'll stand strong' while you stand beside me Take my hand and we'll dance until we die So I'm just gonna dance! Dance until we Die! Dance! Come on, dance! Dance until we Die! (Repeat until dead)
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