Текст песни T. Rex - Wind Quartets

Prophets, Seers And Sages The Angels Of The Ages
Жанр: Folk-Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Исполнитель: T. Rex
Альбом: Prophets, Seers And Sages The Angels Of The Ages
Длительность: 02:56
Рейтинг: 753
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Загрузил: ALER


The wind quartet howls softly My jeep hand strokes her necklace Crusted, crammed with old Etruscan gold. Her bird head torn with summer Inspects a Spartan runner Robbing time a chosen Prince of Speed My goblet drenched with Autumn Tears for my dead cat Ena Silver Surfer sorcerer of spray. She headed deep in chartreuse A falcon glimpse of white teeth Separated by lace cinnamon folds. We hid and rid in hansom Cab wrenched from lost Byzantium Lordlett who once held the earth In chains
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