Текст песни Inspectah Deck - City High

The Movement
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Inspectah Deck
Альбом: The Movement
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 658
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[Intro: Inspectah Deck (sample)] (Everybody on the grind, son) 8 million stories in the naked city (Everybody trying to eat) (It's always gonna be a struggle, in this hustle) This is just one (Trying to bubble, trying to live this) Realize.. [Inspectah Deck] We dance with the wolves, wrestle with the pitbulls For fistfuls of dollars and cents, we empty pistols Plotting out elaborate scams to get our hands on some Lofts of land or maybe, thoughts of plans and they be Forcing my hand to make me, off this man I never claimed killer, I came iller stayed realer Our chance grows, traveled the globe, fans applauded But my heart still roaming the streets, they still calling Boat names with cocaine dreams screaming I own the game! I'm so stained Novacaine doesn't slow the pain Lost so many I don't fear death, no tears left Numbers of my years left, blessed to be here left When they said At fifteen he'll be already dead I'm here heavy head steady sipping Rйmy Red Wild fellow trying to keep my mind settled Child of the ghetto, survived where nines echo [Chorus: Inspectah Deck] I'm just a city guy living fly getting high Live it till I die getting by, whipping by Stand solidified big times to different sides Here's your ticket right, follow if you feel my vibe... (My vibe) [Inspectah Deck] Yo, we caped up, ten in the lab, weapons to blast One with the city, fight for sections of land Can't sleep till the check's in my hand It's still a hustle, bare knuckle grind knee deep inside the struggle I don't give a fuck about much but my beloved and such 'Cause nobody to trust but us It's New York life, walk like what you talk like Or you might get tossed right off the ninth floor Every day is war, rhoaming through the wasteland Focused, trying to make grands Hammers poaking out the waistband In this cash race, they can't stand the pace I plan to make millions and marinate Across town my Fam is straight Cash rules, so naturally it had me The temptress teasing me, I lust badly She said You want professional and records sold? Let it go And I replied This is the only life I'll ever know... [Hook: Inspectah Deck] (It's the only life I'll ever know... You know?) I trust, in no one but us Trust, in no one but us Trust, in no one but us [Inspectah Deck] Yeah, years later, hey I made it, no explaining how Walking forward through the fire while it rain down We claim Sex & Slang and aim weapons But still trying to live the +Good Times+ like James Evans And, we'll stick you for your shine (Hustle) Nickel for a dime (Trouble) This you're gonna find (Muscle) If you wanna grind (Struggle) Digits on the mind (Couple) Figures for the crime (Scuffle) Fists or with the nine (Bubble) Living on the line (The line, the line...) [Chorus]
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