Текст песни Lil' Kim - We Don't Give A Fuck (feat. Bun B., Twista)

Naked Truth
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Lil' Kim
Альбом: Naked Truth
Длительность: 04:22
Рейтинг: 656
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Загрузил: Armatura


[Chorus] Take that nigga chain, we don't give a fuck Hit that nigga up, we don't give a fuck Jack that nigga truck, we don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck, he ain't down with us Take that nigga chain, we don't give a fuck Hit that nigga up, we don't give a fuck Jack that nigga truck, we don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck, he ain't down with us [Verse 1: Lil' Kim] I Brooklyn Bounce nigga, in Dirty South down to the ATL Rep B.I.G. to death, betta watch what come out ya breath We thuggin', thuggin', we thuggin' Honey girl Queen B double E-E I'm heatin' up in oven, no bitch is comin' like me We get by, we get crunk, we spit fire, we got pumps We get high, we get drunk, we got heat for ya'll punks Can't find you layin', my fam is not playin' Gotta get that money, that money, that money, money You don't want no problems man, none if you get outta lane We comin' like the Taliban, poppin' like a collar man Cowards want to violate, then we got to demonstrate You faggot niggaz tellin', when we see you we be yellin' [Chorus] [Verse 2: Bun B] Bitch I been trill ever since the day I came out my mommas cock Come on down to that Dirty South, you gon' see I got it locked I can go on any block and on any hood and on any town Runnin' deep with money and jewelery and holdin' myself down Connected to every heavy nigga across the U.S My cocaine is the whitest and my diamonds are the bluest My city is the trillest and my niggaz are the truest Got everything to gain and nothing to lose, so let's do this We load 'em up, cock 'em back, let 'em go we knock 'em off Cut off all his cake, rocks, and eggs, this nigga block 'em off It's B-U-N for UGK, straight up out that B-A-T Holdin' it down for K-I-M, reppin' for Pimp C, let's see 'em bitch [Chorus] [Verse 3: Twista] Big cars, big trucks, big nuts when it comin' up off the dust Think it's funny 'til he comin' up out the club Gonna getcha money when I'm comin' up out the cut If I catch a nigga slippin', I'ma tell a nigga know that shit Then I snatch that chain When he leave his friends, I'ma get him out his ends And his Benz, make him cash that train Come out the dark and get the lights on Turn together, get it up Take his watch, take his bracelet, take his dust, take his truck I can't help it to get itchy if I see the nigga ballin' Nigga yes ya'll then I gotta get a piece of that Steady figure with the Jacob in the bezel with charm Well come over hear I got a little heat for that AK-47 and the Desert Eagle with a sawed-off pump Got a what, an E-95 with leather grip And a Mac-11 comin' out the trunk Got what, a black ski mask and leather gloves And duct tape I can get what I want Got what, when the Queen and the Twist ride on them bitches We don't give a fuck [Chorus]
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