Текст песни Twiztid - Spiderwebs

Heartbroken & Homicidal
Жанр: Horrorcore / Juggalo / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Twiztid
Альбом: Heartbroken & Homicidal
Длительность: 04:12
Рейтинг: 425
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Загрузил: arschgesicht


(Monoxide Child) She was the type of girl, Get me in so much trouble, Head over heels in this, That’s why I love her. (Jamie Madrox) I don’t, like the way, that she talks to me, When she tells me those things that I’d rather not hear, In my ear, but they’re comin’ out her mouth, And they’re HD clear. (Monoxide Child) She don’t, like the way, that I talk, When, I’m sayin’ that I’m walkin’, Out the door, with no remorsefulness, And now she’s p***ed. (Jamie Madrox) I don’t, think she loves me, But attraction aside, and the fact I’m ugly, And the look in her eyes when she takin’ her clothes off, And when treated like a wash machine, to drop a load off. (Monoxide Child) She don’t, think that I, Give a f*** to care, and I’d rather die, But the truth of the mater, it’s all a lie, And I can’t get her outta my mind, I’m so blind. (Chorus) I’m tangled in the spiderwebs, and can’t get out! It’s like ya, breakin’ my heart, when you open your mouth! It’s like ya, so excited when you’re bringin’ me down! (Bringin’ me down.) Bringin’ me down! (Bringin’ me down.) (Jamie Madrox) I don’t, like the way, that she flirts, With, mini-skirts, and tight shirts, And we’re drinkin’ at a local bar, And she givin’ everybody the “f*** me!” eye. (Monoxide Child) She don’t, like the way, I’m obsessed, and why she wearin’ that dress, man? Need to cover her breast, And maybe, they’ll leave her alone. (Jamie Madrox) I don’t, like the way, She’s so care free, those who know ways don’t call me, The …
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