Текст песни The Rolling Stones - Back to Zero

Dirty Work
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: The Rolling Stones
Альбом: Dirty Work
Длительность: 04:01
Рейтинг: 1904
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Back to zero. So ya wanna blow us all to pieces, go meet your maker head hung down, and give him all your explanations. Go ahead - throw down. Back to zero, back to nothing. Straight to meltdown, yes, back to zero, nah, that's where we're heading. It's a monkey living on my back. I can feel my spine begin to crack. I'm looking to the future, I keep on glancing back. I prefer to rot, I don't wanna pop huuh hu huu ... I think I'll head back to the jungle, allright. Don't wanna see no big bad rumble, too fright. Yes. Back to zero, that's where we going. Back to nothing. Right now, right now. No heroes? No more heroes. Straight to meltdown, that's where we're going. Back to zero. Yeah. Yeah! My whole life is hangin' on a thread. I'm the fly inside the spider's web. I'm looking to the future, I keep on glancing back. I prefer to rot. I don't wanna pop huuh! .. spam ... I worry about my great grandchildren, living two miles beneath the ground, now. I worry about their whole existence. The whole damn thing's in doubt. Back to zero.
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