Текст песни Aesthetic Perfection - Coward

Close to Human
Жанр: EBM
Исполнитель: Aesthetic Perfection
Альбом: Close to Human
Длительность: 05:03
Рейтинг: 483
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: morphkaras


They'll say He never knew What he wants and never will Who follows to lead the blind? Its the anatomy of a failure Sit back This should only take a second I really feel like you're not listening No matter what you say or do I hope you know you're all dead to me No breath of conscience No seam could ever hold your tongue Just let it spill out All this time you've wasted opening your mouth Why don't you face me when you tear me down? Coward Why don't you face me when i'm in the crowd? Coward And you hate me for knowing this So i'll hate you right back Again, it all comes down to reason What you tried so hard to be And never were You're debt Just a corporate buyout A forced addition to the contract signed You're calm Poised A finger to the forehead Thoughtful and so well refined Infected with mindless delusions and thoughts About the ones you thought you could trust So go on stand up and justify your insults And back up the shit that you say
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