Текст песни Bruce Springsteen - The Hitter

Devils & Dust
Жанр: Classic Rock
Исполнитель: Bruce Springsteen
Альбом: Devils & Dust
Длительность: 05:55
Рейтинг: 373
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Загрузил: al9


Come to the door, Ma, and unlock the chain I was just passin' through and got caught in the rain There's nothin' I want, nothin' that you need say Just let me lie down for a while and then I'll be on my way I was no more than a kid when you put me on the Southern Queen With the police on my back I fled to New Orleans I fought in the dockyards and with the money that I made And the fight was my home and blood was my trade Baton Rouge, Ponchatoula, and Lafayette town Well they paid me their moon, Ma, I knocked the men down I did what I did well it come easily Restraint and mercy, Ma, were always strangers to me I fought champion Jack Thompson in a field full of mud Rain poured through the tent to the canvas and mixed with our blood In the twelfth I slipped my tongue over my broken jaw And I stood over him, pounded his bloody body into the floor Well the bell rang and rang and still I kept on 'Till I felt my glove leather slip 'tween his skin and bone Then the women and the money came fast, in the days I lost track The women red, the money green, but the numbers were black I fought for the men in their silk suits to lay down their bets Well I took my good share, Ma, I had no regrets Then I took the fix at the state armory with big John McDowell From high in the rafters I watched myself fall As they raised his arm, my stomach twisted and the sky it went black I stuffed my bag with their good money and I never looked back Understand, in the end, Ma, every man plays the game If you know me one different then speak out his name Ma, if my voice now you don't recognize Then just open the door and look into your dark eyes I ask of you nothin', not a kiss not a smile Just open the door and let me lie down for a while Now the gray rain's fallin' and my ring fighting's done So in the work fields and alleys I take all who'll come If you're a better man than me then just step to the line And show me your money and speak out your crime Now there's nothin' I want, Ma, nothin' that you need say Just let me lie down for a while and I'll be on my way Well tonight in the shipyard a man draws a circle in the dirt Like I always do I move to the centre and I take off my shirt I study him for the cuts, the scars, the pain Man, no time can erase I move hard to the left and I strike to the face
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