Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast [UK Reissue 2010] (1982)

The Number Of The Beast [UK Reissue 2010]

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Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Iron Maiden
Дата релиза: 1982
Лейбл: Нет данных
Тип: Студийный альбом
Загрузил: panzer cannibal
Обновил: 19AltMan89
Добавлено: 19.04.2010
The Number of the Beast is the third studio album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The album was released on March 29, 1982 through EMI and on its sister label Capitol on the Harvest imprint in the US originally before it was re-released by Sanctuary/Columbia in the US. This was the debut of vocalist Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden. It has been cited as one of the most influential heavy metal albums of all time, and is widely acknowledged as one of the best and most iconic albums of the genre.

The Number of the Beast also cemented Iron Maiden as one of "the biggest metal bands on the planet".

Of all the songs in the album, "The Number of the Beast", "Run to the Hills" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" remain on the set lists of nearly all of the band's concert tours, with the latter two often used to close a show. All three songs have been released as singles in various forms. The album is also Iron Maiden's highest selling album worldwide with over 14 million sales estimated.

Песни в альбоме
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast [UK Reissue 2010] (1982)

03:23 | 320 Кб/с
7,75 Мб
Iron Maiden


04:35 | 320 Кб/с
06:02 | 320 Кб/с
13,82 Мб
Iron Maiden

The Prisoner

06:36 | 320 Кб/с
15,11 Мб
Iron Maiden

22 Acacia Avenue

04:50 | 320 Кб/с
03:53 | 320 Кб/с
8,89 Мб
Iron Maiden

Run to the Hills

03:49 | 320 Кб/с
8,74 Мб
Iron Maiden


04:29 | 320 Кб/с
10,27 Мб
Iron Maiden

Total Eclipse

07:12 | 320 Кб/с
16,49 Мб
Iron Maiden

Hallowed Be Thy Name

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