Jethro Tull - Crest of a Knave (1987)

Crest of a Knave

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Жанр: Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Jethro Tull
Дата релиза: 1987
Лейбл: Chrysalis
Тип: Студийный альбом
Загрузил: panzer cannibal
Добавлено: 27.11.2009
Crest of a Knave is a studio album by british international recording artist Jethro Tull. It was released in 1987.

The album relied more heavily on Martin Barre's electric guitar than the band had since the 1970s which made the album the more popular among Tull fans as many of them disapproved of the electronic/synthesizer direction followed by Jethro Tull in the early and mid-1980s. However, several tracks still featured drum machine instead of a live drummer. Keyboardist Peter-John Vettese was now absent and it was Ian Anderson who contributed the synth programming. The album sleeve only listed Ian Anderson, Martin Barre and Dave Pegg as official band members.

The album was a critical and commercial success. Jethro Tull went on to win the 1989 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental. It was highly controversial as many did not consider the album or even the band to be hard rock or heavy metal. Furthermore, they beat heavily favoured Metallica (…And Justice for All) and critics' choice Jane's Addiction (Nothing's Shocking). Under advisement from their manager, no one from the band turned up to the award ceremony, as they were told that they had no chance of winning. In response to the controversy, the band's record label Chrysalis took out an advert in a British music periodical with the line, "The flute is a (heavy) metal instrument!" In 2007, the win was named one of the 10 biggest upsets in Grammy history by Entertainment Weekly.[

Песни в альбоме
Jethro Tull - Crest of a Knave (1987)

03:35 | 320 Кб/с
8,21 Мб
Jethro Tull

Steel Monkey

06:29 | 320 Кб/с
14,85 Мб
Jethro Tull

Farm On The Freeway

04:53 | 320 Кб/с
11,2 Мб
Jethro Tull

Jump Start

03:40 | 320 Кб/с
04:28 | 320 Кб/с
10:03 | 320 Кб/с
23,02 Мб
Jethro Tull


06:20 | 320 Кб/с
14,48 Мб
Jethro Tull

Mountain Men

04:45 | 320 Кб/с
10,89 Мб
Jethro Tull

The Waking Edge

04:11 | 320 Кб/с
9,58 Мб
Jethro Tull

Raising Steam

06:54 | 320 Кб/с
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На мой взгляд, самая лучшая работа 80-х этой группы. Гораздо лучше предыдущих 2-3.
Пожаловаться 30.03.2010 14:24:29
Они за неее даже Гремми получили)))
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я искал вот эту вещь "Rock Island The Rattlesnake Trail"
Пожаловаться 30.04.2010 17:57:57
Biff | 08.04.2010
Эти 2 песни с альбома Rock island
Пожаловаться 10.03.2012 14:26:57
хороший и мелодичный альбом в дайрстрейтовской манере smile
Пожаловаться 01.03.2013 15:03:18
Грэмми за лучший хард-рок/хэви-метал альбом :)
Пожаловаться 10.05.2016 21:07:42
Budapest, Said She Was A Dancer...... альбом супер!!!

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