Neal Morse - Testimony 2 (CD 2) (2011)

Testimony 2 (CD 2)

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Жанр: Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Neal Morse
Дата релиза: 2011
Лейбл: Нет данных
Тип: Студийный альбом
Загрузил: DCLXVI
Обновил: 47
Добавлено: 02.06.2011
Testimony 2 is a progressive rock concept album by Neal Morse. It was released on 23 May 2011. The album is a continuation of his first solo Christian Prog album (Testimony) and contains three sections detailing the composer's life and conversion to Christianity. Neal returns with his normal solo-album bandmates Mike Portnoy and Randy George, but he also features many guests, including a vocal reunion of Spock's Beard in the song "Time Changer", which focuses on Neal's past with Spock's Beard and features a return of their multi-vocal parts that the band was known for.

Песни в альбоме
Neal Morse - Testimony 2 (CD 2) (2011)

04:41 | 320 Кб/с
10,73 Мб
Neal Morse

Absolute Beginner

06:12 | 320 Кб/с
14,19 Мб
Neal Morse


25:59 | 320 Кб/с
59,49 Мб
Neal Morse

Seeds Of Gold

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